A Listing of OLSC Pittsburgh's Executive Committee, along with our Official LFC Members. This list will be updated periodically as meetings are held and Official Memberships are renewed.

Our Official LFC Members

It is because of these people that we are an Official Liverpool Supporters Club.

*Please note - Names Listed with the OLSC Pittsburgh logo are Charter Members*. Last Update July 23rd, 2016
  • Chris Bell

  • Debbie Bonaminio

  • Connor Burns

  • Eric Cadman

  • Alan Campbell

  • Ben Cole

  • Aaron Colwes

  • Brett Connelly

  • Joe Conti

  • Scott Devivo

  • Pete Dornenburg

  • Dan Drummond

  • Tony Dumblosky

  • Soumyaroop Dutta

  • Lance Foust

  • Jody Fleming Jr

  • Logan Gamrod

  • Dolores Gilmer

  • Nathan Gilmer

  • Brian Greenawalt

  • Matthew Gruss

  • Christopher Hartland

  • William Herzog

  • Jim Hixon

  • Tim Hotovchin

  • Ronnie Imbrugia

  • Jan Johnsen

  • Shelley Johnsen

  • Kaitlyn Kacsuta

  • Jordan Kaufman

  • Joseph Kilgore

  • David Lamb

  • Ashley Lauren

  • Eric Magiera

  • Adam Marks

  • Alyssa Mlecko

  • Joe Mottillo

  • Ryan O'Kane

  • Evan Patterson

  • Lee Patton

  • Robert Potersnak

  • Dale Qunlan

  • Dan Ros

  • Duke Reedy

  • Mark Stillwagon

  • Phillip Stillwagon

  • Dave Thomas

  • Robert Tierney

  • Jared Tuk

  • Paul Whitehead

  • William Winkeler

  • Dustin Young

  • Ziggy Zee

If you are an Official Member and we've missed your name on the list above, please Contact Us and we'll get in touch with you ASAP to get you added.

If seeing the list above has inspired you to become an Official Liverpool Member, please visit the link below to purchase an Official Membership directly from Liverpool FC