Whether you are a casual fan or a diehard Red, here are a few companies that LFC Pittsburgh recommends along with some other Official LFC Supporter's Club websites.

Liverpool FC

Ok...so, this one is a no-brainer. The official LFC website hosts a TON of information regarding the team we support. In case you didn't know, they also offer Official Memberships to their fanbase that no only help to support the team salaries and transfer business, but also give you back a pretty sweet membership pack full of goodies! The Image below will link you directly to the Membership page on LFC's website, so you can also peruse the site from that page, too!


Anfield Shop

This site is North America's Largest Independent LFC-dedicated store. If it exists in LFC Red or with the Liver Bird on it, they will try their hardest to find it and make it available on their site. An added bonus is that they also offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders shipped inside the US totalling $75.00 or more! Click the image below to be directed straight to their website!


Our Bar

Our new home is one of the BEST sports bars and has the friendliest wait staff in Pittsburgh. Their menus for breakfast and lunch on matchdays have such a wide selection, you can not eat the same meal for all 38 matchs of the BPL season. Boasting 21 HDTV's (including a MASSIVE 80-inch beast in the dining area), this place gives you the proper football watching experience. Just don't order ribs from Kim before noon or you'll never hear the end of it!

Our Bar

St Killian Importing

Mike and Mike from St Killian have shown us the love by getting us sponsored by Carlsberg, so we're doing just a little of our own. Established in 1983, St Killian is a full-service importer, providing all 50 states with world class ales, lagers, and malt beverages from around the globe.

St Killian

Liverpool Room

A dedicated LFC page that brings together the latest news, blogs, scouting reports and more. A great resource for the diehard LFC fan. Most information requires membership fee (currently £18.00 for a year, but includes a month long free trial).

Liverpool Room

Other Official Liverpool FC Supporters Clubs

If you would like to be added to our list (sorry, we don't have everyone's info and website addresses to link from the start) please click on the 'Contact Us' button and drop us a line. We'll get you added as fast as we can!

    US Clubs

  • LFC ATL - LFC Atlanta

  • LFC DC - LFC Baltimore

  • LFC Boston - LFC Boston

  • LFC California - LFC California

  • LFC Charlotte - LFC Charlotte

  • LFC Chicago - LFC Chicago

  • Colorado Reds - Colorado Reds

  • LFC Indy - LFC Indianapois

  • LFC NY - LFC New York

  • LFC Raleigh - LFC Raleigh

  • LFC SF - LFC San Francisco

  • LFC Seattle - LFC Seattle

  • LFC TB - LFC Tampa Bay

    International Clubs

  • Barcelona Reds - Barcelona Reds

  • LFC Calgary - LFC Calgary

  • LFC France - LFC France

  • LFC Israel - LFC Israel

  • Red Indians - Red Indians

  • LFC Italy - LFC Italy

  • LFC Lodon - LFC London

  • LFC Madrid - LFC Madrid

  • LFC Malaysia - LFC Malaysia

  • LFC Melbourne - LFC Melbourne, Australia

  • LFC Netherlands - LFC Netherlands

  • LFC NSW Australia - LFC New South Wales Australia

  • LFC New Zealand - LFC New Zealand

  • LFC Norway - LFC Norway

  • LFC Russia - LFC Russia

  • LFC Sweden - LFC Sweden

  • LFC Swiss - LFC Switzerland

  • LFC Toronto - LFC Toronto

  • LFC Vancouver - LFC Vancouver